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Friday, October 23, 2020

Father & Daughter Adrian and Emma-Jean Galliard Cover of The Prayer

Adrian and Emma-Jean Galliard are a father and daughter singing duo from South Africa. They opened a YouTube channel on the 12th of April...

Borja Catanesi Super Street Guitarist And Entertainer

Borja Catanesi is a brilliantly talented electric guitarist who comes from Valencia, Spain. Borja entertains the streets with his melodic solos whilst spreading his...

Nikoleta ‘Drummer’ An Incredibly Gifted Drummer From Slovakia

Here is Nikoleta 'Drummer' Šurinová, a super talented drummer who comes from Trnava, Slovakia. Nikoleta was born on the 22nd of March 2007 in...

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Gev Delano Brilliant Bass Guitar Prodigy From Indonesia

This is a young musician called Gev Delano from Indonesia. He has already mastered playing the bass guitar at only 10 years old. Gev lives...

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