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Thursday, February 27, 2020

The Dualers – A Blast From The Past!

Brothers Tyber & Si Cranstoun performed together as "The Dualers" until 2010. Both are superb vocalists / movers and great entertainers. Whenever they performed they...

Kristofer o Andarilho Roots

Kristofer o Andarilho Roots is an extremely creative reggae musician. With roots not just in his name, but in the wonderful reggae music of...

Too Many Zooz A Brilliant Brass Band

The brass band "Too Many Zooz" is an American based music band famous for their viral videos. A lot of their videos are performed...

Guitarists & Vocalists

Taimane Gardner Ukulele Worldclass Performer

This is the Hawaiian Ukulele playing expert Taimane Gardner. She has an incredible mixture of cultures with Samoan, German, Swedish, Irish and French decent...



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