Brothers Tyber & Si Cranstoun performed together as “The Dualers” until 2010.

Both are superb vocalists / movers and great entertainers. Whenever they performed they drew large crowds and brought happiness to the streets. Since then, they have both gone their separate ways.

Tyber has formed his own 9-piece Jamaican Rhythm & Blues band keeping the original name “The Dualers” – now well renowned throughout the UK as a great Ska & Reggae band.

Si (Simon) Cranstoun since leaving the original ‘The Dualers’ has become well known known as a composer and singer of music heavily influenced by 1950s and 1960s Rock and Rhythm and Blues and scored three hits on the Radio 2 play list on Warner Records with his fusion of Vintage Pop & Motown. He regularly tours and receives a great reception wherever he performs.

Below is a video of the bothers performing and bringing happiness to the streets of Romford, United Kingdom. The man dancing is called “Arnold” – known as an impossible mover, his dancing is something to be admired!

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