Marcin Patrzalek is from Poland and started to play classical guitar at the early age of 10. Now an adult he has developed into a most accomplished composer & musician. When only fourteen years old in 2015 he won ‘Must Be The Music Poland’ (ninth edition). A great achievement as he’s the first and currently, only solo guitarist to win such a prestigious talent competition/show.

He studied classical guitar under the professional guidance of Jerzy Pikor, his teacher. Adding additional styles and techniques to his performances he learnt flamenco techniques through a Spanish guitar teacher called Carlos Pinana.

Marcin appeared on Americas Got Talent in 2019:

After studying a few different styles and techniques he landed on his preferred style. Acoustic finger picking. Marcin didn’t stop there though. He started producing using his computer and combining his tech production with his acoustic guitar style. He recorded his own debut record called “HUSH”.

In 2018 Ibenez, a large world famous guitar manufacturer from Japan asked Marcin to become one of their official endorsers for the brand. They provided him with guitars: AE900-NT and AVD80-NT models which he plays beautifully.

In 2016 he released an Album (LP) called “HUSH”. Distributed by a Polish record label “My Music” the album was release on October the 7th 2016. It featured different styles of music including 6 original tracks, 2 electronic remixes and 2 instrumentals. On the same year of his LP release he won the International Classical Guitar Joaquin Rodrigo Competition and was a finalist in the International Finger style Competition Guitar Masters.

Quite a talent.

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