A global phenomenon in the brass band world! Lucky Chops have been regularly videoed mesmerising commuters in the New York subway. Their irresistible energy and incredibly rare talents have unsurprisingly racked up millions of views online.

The current members of Lucky Chops and the instruments they play are as follows:

Daro Behroozi – Tenor Saxophone
Joshua Gawel – Trumpet
Rafael Buyo – Tuba
Josh Holcomb – Trombone
Kevin Congleton – Drums
Charles Sams – Drum Kit (Since 2017)
Leo Pellegrino (2014 – 2017) Now a member of “Too Many Zoos”.

We first  featured Lucky Chops back in 2017! A page favourite for sure. They had over twenty five thousand views, achieving six hundred and ninety ‘likes’ and two hundred and twenty shares. Very impressive but not at all surprising based on their tremendous talent.

This is the wonderfully talented ‘Lucky Chops’ performing with tremendous skill and energy for free on the NY underground! This video shows over 20 minutes of sheer magic! Really special!

Lucky Chops have released three albums and one EP. The three albums are called:

“NYC” released in 2015.
“Walter” released in 2017.
“Lucky Chops” Released in 2017.

This is the official video for the song “Behroozi” – the live version is the video we posted on The Music Man’s Facebook page. The song is named after the Tenor Saxophone player “Daro Behroozi” who is a member of Lucky Chops. Play the video below and see for yourself just how good these guys are. You’ll be pleased that you did, The Music Man can’t stop watching them!

Leo Pellegrino (as seen in the center of the photograph above) is a baritone saxophonist from Pittsburgh who regularly plays in New York City. He attended and graduated from The Manhattan School of Music in 2013. Leo has since left lucky chops and is now a member of the “brass house” band Too Many Zooz.

If you have enjoyed watching “Lucky Chops” we’re sure you will love “Too Many Zoos” check them out for more incredible brass band energy!

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