Just sometimes someone very special shows up. This Australian guy Juzzie Smith is certainly something very special. The Music Man is totally amazed by Juzzie’s talent. He has so much skill.

How many people do you know that can play five instruments all at the same time. The Music Man knows only of one and that’s Juzzie! He is a tremendous one-man band and a fantastic all-round entertainer. You’ll never tire of watching Juzzie Smith and that’s for sure! Juzzie just loves what he does and that means entertaining people from all over the World. He is not at all money orientated so he won’t change what he does for anybody. He creates wonderful music with great skill and passion and is absolutely outstanding in what he does!

At the tender age of only thirteen, he began playing the Harmonica and excelled at it. So much so that he was the winner of the prestigious and much coveted Golden Harmonica at the Tamworth Country Music Festival and the Byron Bay Blues Blowout. He has since mastered many other instruments such as various acoustic guitars including Slide and Cigar box. He’s also master at the Stompbox! He also has a belt with eight different Harmonicas surrounding his body. When he needs to change key he ‘simply’ changes Harmonicas! Sometimes he’ll play the Harmonica and at the same time juggle three balls in perfect timing to the tune! Audiences are really transfixed by this. He appeals to audiences of all ages from all backgrounds from all musical tastes. Young or old from wherever you come from his music is for you! it’s great to watch!

He plays and sings ‘the music of the World’ and is not at all constrained by category. He is simply an outstandingly talented guy! Wherever he plays he is the ultimate performer with a great connection with his audience and is a real hit at festivals.

So why is he a busker, someone who plays on the streets? Well, that’s where his lovelies, improvising with close contact to his loving audience. He is a very personable man with a great sense of humor and always has time for all. His music will infect you with happiness. He is well-loved and warmly received wherever he goes.

He is about to embark on a really long World tour having recently released his latest single ‘Rise and Shine’ seen here and on The Music Man’s Facebook page. He’s also had songs in the Blues musical charts from all over the Globe. As with all his previous gigs a real pleasurable experience awaits his new audiences. He’ll get them going all right!

See much more of this amazingly talented Australian one-man band by clicking on the links below. You’ll see just how versatile and talented Juzzie Smith really is and why so many people agree with The Music Man that he is without a shadow of a doubt an outstanding performer! A must watch!





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