Hey there,

My name is Jessica and I am a singer based in Malta. My full time job is that of an accountant. My favorite styles of music are Pop, Acoustic Piano and Ballads. I started singing way back in 2002. I had just started secondary school and the music teacher at that time told me that I had a really good voice. She even wrote a note in my diary to show to my parents! From then on, my parents took me to singing lessons, and I never looked back. I still take professional one-to-one singing lessons from a local singing school called “The Vocal Booth”.

I have just started writing original music and I released by debut single ‘Fearless’, on 13th March 2019. I wrote this song during a difficult time in my life and it helped me to overcome my difficulties. It talks about not succumbing to the imperfections around us and to not let anyone take us down or discourage us from achieving our dreams. Sometimes, we have to be our own “helping hand” and encourage ourselves to keep on going. I had unknowingly scheduled the release of this song exactly on the date and time when the major social media shut down! It was a really unfortunate coincidence which left me very frustrated. However, this made me even more determined and until today I have accumulated 12k views on You Tube, it is being aired on local radio stations and has entered the Top 10 Malta Chart. For me it is a big step forward since I never achieved such views on my Cover Videos.

My aim for the future is to release more original material, sing live in a variety of shows & concerts and transition in being a singer full time. I am also searching continuously for new and exciting opportunities both locally and abroad and ready to jump “all in” when the perfect opportunity arises. I am very fortunate to have a support system which helps me to continue and persist in my singing career and to never lose faith that my dreams will someday become a reality.


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