Yuth Cañizalez A Percussionist Of Multiple Genres From Venezuela


    Yuth Cañizalez is a solo artist from Caracas, Venezuela. Born in 1998 he plays around the local area of Caracas.

    When talking to Yuth about his music, he said, “I am a percussionist of multiple genres, I act as a classical musician, popular musician, and urban musician when I play I strive to show my versatility. For now, in the musical genres that I perform, which are classical music, popular music, and urban music, I only do performances of already written music. My goal is to be able to write my own music and to be able to produce it.

    Who are your main musical influences?
    “My musical influences are many, because my goal is to be a versatile musician, I love music in all its branches. Mainly in classical music my influences are, Pius Cheung, Keiko Abe, Enmanuel Sejourne, Frederic Chopin, Gustav Mahler among others. In popular music, Bob Becker, George Hamilton Green, Sammy Herman, Red Norvo, Teddy Brown. And in urban music multiple bands of personal taste such as Bob Marley, Anderson Paak, Snarky Puppy, FKJ, The Blaze among others…”

    Have you had any formal musical training?
    “Currently I am studying at the Latin American Percussion School and the Simón Bolívar Music Conservatory of Venezuela.”

    When did you start playing music?
    “I started my studies in percussion at the age of 11”

    Does anyone else in your family play music?
    “My Mother and Father are Musicians. Since I was little I saw my mother and father sing, play, and teach me how beautiful music is. Since I was a child I knew that my destiny was to be like them and my biggest inspiration every day to continue in this beautiful world are my parents. I owe them everything!”

    What are your most notable performances?
    “Currently I am part of the percussion section of the Simón Bolívar Symphony Orchestra, there I always have important concerts. I am part of the Catatumbo Percussion Ensemble in which I have had important concerts within the framework of the Latin American Percussion Festival. So far I have not performed with any international artist.”

    What was your most interesting or memorable moment as a musician?
    “Music, since I was a child, has been in my life. Thanks to her I have been able to share the best moments of my life and meet incredible people. The personal connection you create with someone when you play music is so beautiful that it is like having a new family.

    I have had the opportunity together with the Catatumbo Percussion Ensemble to take the first great steps of my life, winning multiple international awards with them and there is no more beautiful feeling than being able to see your dreams, materialize your effort. We are currently practicing for the semifinal of the Universal Marimba Contest, I know that with hard work we will show our best!

    I love Reggae music, I’m a fan of Bob Marley, UB40, Laid Back among other groups, that’s why I have a band of tropical musical genres called “Isla Cocoa”. I love Ragtimes and I hope I can become a great exponent of that kind of music. I love cinema, later on I want to be the music producer and film director of my videos.”

    If you want to see more from this Emerging Talent subscribe to their YouTube channel.

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