Payton and Paige Singing Sisters From Australia


    Payton and Paige are a singing-songwriting duo from Melbourne, Victoria in Australia. Payton is 11 years old and Paige is 8 years old.

    Erin Rea is the mother of the two singers. When talking about the video below she said, “The girls wrote this song, their uncle (Rahxx) produced it, their dad and I took the video footage at their uncle’s place, and I made the video clip.”

    Erin, can you tell us about your daughter’s music and their background?
    “My daughters were given a task for music during remote learning to have a go at writing some song lyrics. They came up with a brilliant song to show their appreciation and support for all the wonderful teachers in the world during these difficult times.

    Their uncle (my brother) put some music together for them and got them into his studio to record their vocals. They had such a great response and enjoyed the process so much, that they have discovered a passion for creating music and have continued their music journey (with their uncle working on all their tracks). They have written and published another song called “Colours” on their channels and they have a few more projects in the making!”

    Who are their main musical influences?
    “Dua Lipa, Ariana Grande, Billie Eilish, TLC, Aaliyah, Timberland, Mariah Carey, Michael Jackson,”

    When did they start playing music?
    “The girl’s discovered their passion around May this year, 2020.”

    Does anyone else in your family play music?
    “Our family is very musical. I, the girl’s mother, sing and play mandolin and guitar. Their uncle (my brother) is a music producer and sings and plays keys – he has also been a member of a few bands that have recorded a couple of albums. Their grandmother (My mum) plays guitar and sings and has been involved in a few country music clubs in her earlier years. Their big sister also sings and loves to dance, and has been assisting her little sisters along every step of their journey so far. Their dad plays a little guitar too and loves to have a jam.”

    “Payton is amazing at impersonations and has a great sense of humour, although, she is very shy so count yourself lucky if she is ever to share this side of herself with you! She is also very neat and organized and likes things in order. Paige is more outgoing. Her big voice matches her big personality! We joke that she is quite the diva with all her sass and her complete opposite approach to her sisters like for organisation and order. Although the girls have very different personalities and don’t always agree with each other, they both have huge hearts and share a vision of a world that is free from suffering. They have a light within them that they want to share with the world.

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