D Generation NeXt – An A Capella Singing Group


    D generation neXt is an Acapella group located in four different countries. The band, that consists of 6 childhood friends, have used their time in lockdown to rediscover their shared love for music and perform together.

    We spoke to band member Rivelino Dsouza about the video below, “Stand by me: With COVID hitting us and crippling the world, we thought, why not get back to doing some music together after 16 years and in spite of being in different parts of the world, we knew it would be hard considering the different Time-zones, but honestly it was more fun as we got back together. It also helped send a beautiful message out there, that no matter the distance nor the circumstance, the chemistry and bond we share as friends has always held us together and is even clearly visible in our voices as we come together.”

    Rivelino, can you tell us about your music and your background?
    “Our specialty is Acapella and we cover songs across all genres. We started with Gospel music 20 years ago and Currently cover all genres. At the moment we basically sing covers in our own rendition. We have reunited as a group after about 16 years. Even though we’re all from Mumbai, India, we consider ourselves a global group because I now live in Australia; Quenten D’Souza and Sherwin Coelho live in the UK; Ashley Sequeira lives in Qatar; Ashish Palav lives in India and Aaron Pereira works on the Merchant Navy and joins us whenever he’s back in India.”

    Have you had any formal musical training?
    “None of us have had any formal coaching but have been singing in choirs right since the age of 13 years and then moved on to performing together as a group while we were in Uni. All of us used to participate in several musical events at an annual event organised by our church in Mumbai, India, called Youth Week. This helped nurture our musical talents and gave us the confidence to perform live as a group, which holds us in good stead to this day.”

    When did you start playing music?
    “At the age of 13 years”

    Does anyone else in your family play music?
    “Most of our family members have a fond interest to music but have not really performed professionally”

    What are your most notable performances?
    “Quenten and Rivelino used to sing for an acapella group Called as Bliss wherein we won one of the largest gospel talents shows in India and went from there to record our own compositions which were sold in India and the funds were sent to Africa as a form of charity. We had also performed at Broadway in 2009 as part of a talent hunt organised by the bank we worked at, wherein 12 of the best performers were flown down to NY to compete against each other. We stood 2nd in the competition and were awarded USD 5K and the money was donated to a charity back in India”.

    What was your most interesting or memorable moment as a musician?
    “We all live separate lives and work in different professions but the one common thing that has always kept us together is Music and even while we grew up there never went a time when we met and went without a good jam up. A cute but funny story while we were in uni was this time when we all fell in love for the first time and randomly got together and composed a few songs for girls we never met and called the album, “women of our dreams”. Given we have just rediscovered our love for music and performing with one another again after all these years, we are all hoping that our best moments are yet to come.”

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