Aliya Karimli A Passionate Young Violinist From Azerbaijan


    Aliya Karimli is a solo artist from Ankara, Turkey. Born in 2008, Aliya is a passionate violinist.

    When talking to Aliya about the video below she said, “This is a professional clip made by AliyevMedia in Tuzgolu (Salt Lake) and nearby between Ankara and Konya in Turkey.”

    Aliya, can you tell us about your music and your background?
    “I’ve been playing violin since 2016. I like both modern and classical music. I generally play cover songs. I recorded almost all the songs I played and published on my youtube channel. In the beginning, I did this to see the progress I achieved in time. After catching some progress now I think I can introduce my performance to a wider audience.”

    Who are your main musical influences?
    “I have been inspired by string players such as Karolina Protsenko, Taylor Davis, Maestro Jeyhun and Hauser”

    How did you get into music? Did anyone in your family play instruments?
    “I started playing the violin in 2016. My family is musical, my mother plays the piano and so does my sister. My father plays a saz (the national instrument of Azerbaijan)”

    Have you had any formal musical training?
    “I take private violin lessons. In February 2020, I was granted a 1st Degree in Ankara/Turkey among the violin players of my age.”

    Talking about the video above, Aliya said, “I recorded this video myself. Chi Mai by Ennio Morricone. Again a cover song.”

    What are your most notable performances?
    “On 19 May, On the national holiday of Turkey, in our neighbourhood.” You can watch the performance in the video below.

    Aliya is also a very good chess player. She has been ranked as number 1 among the girls of her age in Ankara.

    If you want to see more from this Emerging Talent subscribe to their YouTube channel or follow her on Facebook.

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