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Drums & Percussion

Talent that can hold a beat, playing everything from a classic drum kit to a set of bins.

Leo Twins Multi-Talented Multi-Instrumentalists

The Leo Twins are two musicians from Pakistan called Haroon and Sharoon Leo. They were born on July 27th, 1993 and started their musical...

Clanadonia – The Pride Of Scotland

Clanadonia. A band like no other The Music Man has ever seen! Clanadonia is a Drums & Pipes band with a big, big difference....

Juzzie Smith – The Australian Musical Genius

Just sometimes someone very special shows up. This Australian guy called Juzzie Smith is certainly something very special. Videos of his live street and...

Louisville Leopard Percussionists

A group of 60 children between the ages of seven to fifteen from the Louisville Metro area, USA perform all sorts of different music...

Mezerg A Totally Unique EDM One Man Band

The creator of PianoBoomBoom, Mezerg has many musical skills from Piano to the Theremin which he uses brilliantly to produce great 4/4 dancefloor beats. Using...

‘Awesome Street Drummer’ – Exceptional Beat Without Any Drums!

This young man is SOMETHING ELSE! Just think what he could do with a real set of drums. Absolutely BRILLIANT! Captured on the STREETS...

‘Gordo Drummer’ – A Young Australian Street Drumming Sensation!

This talented young man 'Gordo Drummer' really is a brilliant street drummer who plays buckets, recyclables etc. He studied/practiced his superb drumming skills in Japan. One...

”The Trouble Notes’ – Wonderful Gypsy Music & Much More!

The Trouble Notes consist of three superb musicians who together make a great team. Bennet Cerven (Violin), Florian Eisenshmidt (Guitarist) and Oliver Maguire (Percussion)....