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Friday, October 23, 2020

James Marçal Awesome Street Musician From Brazil

James Marçal is a musician from Brazil with brilliant entertainment skills! He is often seen busking on the streets of Curitiba, Brazil, entertaining tourists...

Franzoli Electronics Reinventing Electronic Music

Franzoli Electronics is a hobby, an interest, a man, but most well-known as a YouTube channel. Franzoli has turned his passion for electricity into...

Niccole Meza Ramos An Incredibly Talented Trumpet Player

Niccole Meza Ramos is a very talented young trumpet player from Venezuela. The inspiring musician is known to her friends and fans as "Cole...

Why Is This Awesome Guitarist Not World Famous?

It's a mystery to The Music Man as he is one of the best guitarists in the world!

Damian Salazar A Buenos Aires Guitar Playing Maestro

This awesome musician is called Damian Salazar from Buenos Aires, Argentina! You can usually find this guy busking on "Florida Street" ripping through some...

Awesome Vocalists Sing ‘The Prayer’

'The Prayer' is a beautiful song which has been covered and sung by many people. The song was written by David Foster, Carole Bayer...

Donald Canwood A Jazz Piano Player

This brilliant video is of Donald Canwood from Willemstad in Netherlands Antilles, playing the piano and singing. Donald is a wonderful musician who has...

Zé da folha – Leaf Playing Street Artist

José Costa also known as 'Zé da Folha' is a well-known street artist from Porto Alegre who uses a guitar for rhythm, a tambourine...

Kristofer o Andarilho Roots

Kristofer o Andarilho Roots is an extremely creative reggae musician. With roots not just in his name, but in the wonderful reggae music of...

Maxi Borgaro “Elvis Argentino”

Born March 3, 1987, Maxi Borgaro is also known as "Elvis Argentino" The Argentinian Elvis. Listening to his distinctive vocal tone and after watching...